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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

1st Jewellery Party...Many More To Come!

Hi all!

So I undertook my first jewellery party last Thursday (21st April 2011) for the bank holiday! It was fantastic!

There were approx. 20 people at my party, all wonderfully happy that the bank holiday was to begin, and what a way to start it...

It was a beautiful spring evening, and whilst everyone arrived we drank sparkling rose in the garden, looking across the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. Once everyone had arrived, with drink in hand, we proceeded inside; to the jewellery room (we shall call it!).

My jewellery was displayed on 3 tables dotted around the room, so that everyone could look around without being in one place.

Before everyone had a chance to look at everything, they all took a seat, so that I could quickly introduce myself and my jewellery range.

Once my 5 minute talk was over, everyone got up and started to look at my jewellery in more detail. I was not expecting this! Everyone wanted to buy all at once! I was re-sizing different bracelets, changing the sizes of the dangly earrings! I couldn’t do everything, so my closest friend, helped by taking the money and wrapping everything whilst I got on with the commissions. It was wonderful!

Whilst I was busy making jewellery, we also had nibbles and lots of drinks out for everyone to enjoy!

It was a great evening! Everyone was happy with their purchases and the whole evening was a lovely way to socialise.

  • It is a great excuse to buy jewellery, and customise it how you would like. Everyone likes to treat themselves and their loved ones once in a while!
  • It was a wonderful way to spend an evening socialising with friends and just your Lady friends!
  • It is a fantastic way to have a party with a difference!
  • Please contact me, if you would like to host a jewellery party, I would be more than welcome to come along with my jewellery!
  • One wonderful quote I have from a lady who attended my party is; " I had a great time, it is such a refreshing change to 'makeup parties'...can you come do some jewellery parties with me" response; “Absolutely!”

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